Concordia College has been thriving for over 130 years, is Middle States accredited, and has been named one of US News and World Report’s best Regional Colleges in 2017Concordia celebrates diversity, is values-centered, and seeks to make a positive global impact through the lives we shape and nurture every day. Take advantage of the mission, history, and experience of  Concordia, now available through our partnership, in Brooklyn. We offer Concordia’s courses in the same accelerated, affordable, practical form you’ve come to know from CITE Partner programs.

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Concordia College and CITE are now offering several Master’s Programs for Initial and Professional Certification in General and Special Ed:

  • Early Childhood Master’s (Pre K and Kindergarten)
  • Childhood Master’s (grades 1-6)
  • Initial and/ or Professional Certification

These are conveniently located in Brooklyn, NY!
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Get into a growing field! Teach Pre K.

New Leadership in New York City has committed resources to hiring thousands of new certified Early Childhood Educators for their Universal Pre-K initiative.   Now is the time to earn your Early Childhood Certification and take advantage of the biggest job opportunity for future teachers in over a decade.


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Get your NEW CAREER on track! Become a Teacher.

Our Master’s Degree in Childhood Education is designed for working professionals and career changers. Are you a paraprofessional looking to teach? Are you in a separate career, looking to make an impact as a teacher? Then this is the program for you. This Master’s Degree program will take you through everything you need to meet the requirements for certification.

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Early Childhood Childhood (Grades 1-6)